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Hotel Laxnes


Watch our video below to see what our local area has to offer you!

  • About Hotel Laxnes

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    Hotel Laxnes is ideally located in the Mosfellsbaer area in the capital of Reykjavik and within a 10 minutes drive in the town centre. The hotel is your choice for all you nature loving tourists and is in a great spot to view the Northern Lights !
  • Area Attractions and Hotel Surroundings

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    By increasing its service to tourists, Mosfellsbær hopes to make the town's wonders as accessible to visitors as possible. Wether you're looking for a beautiful place to spend your day or an invigorating holiday resort, Mosfellsbær is sure to satisfy. Just stop by and see. 2 swimming pools, gym, 2 golf courses, museums, hiking, cycling paths and more
  • Restaurants and Bars

    Where are several places to eat within few minutes walk from our hotel. Special discounts for our guests at most of them.
  • How to get to Hotel Laxnes

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    How to get here by rental car, transfer shuttle or public bus

Hotel Laxnes · Haholt 7 · 270 Mosfellsbaer · Iceland · Tel: +354 566 8822 ·