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COVID19 update:
Currently breakfast is served on request and delivered to the room. Kaffi Áslákur, our onsite coffee shop, offers light meals and a selection of hot beverages daily from 12:00-22:00.

In the evenings, our bar is open from 17:00 – 21:00 Monday – Sunday. Our Pub offers a range of different drinks both local and well known international brands. We offer a tasty traditional Icelandic lamb soup during some week nights (made to order see below) and a warm atmosphere with billiard table and a dart board in a room above the bar area. The bar features a large screen for sports fans!

For local dining within walking distance is the award Mosfellsbær Bakery, home to chocolatier, Hafliði Magnusson. Great for pastries, sandwiches, coffee and soup for lunch. 
Our local popular food bar Barion is also a great place to enjoy a variety of dishes.

Our local gem, BLIK Bistro, situated 5 minutes drive from the hotel with amazing views of the ocean as its situated on the local golf course.

Local fast food options within walking distance are Dominos Pizza, Mosó-grill, KFC and Subway

Local Dining | Hotel Bar & Continental Buffet Breakfast | Hotel Laxnes

Hotel Bar

Hotel Coffeehouse / Kaffi Áslákur

Mosfellsbær bakery

Blik Restaurant

Continental breakfast 

Currently our breakfast during COVID19 is served to the rooms on trays. Breakfast is only served if pre-ordered.

Our breakfast usually consists of porridge (cooked oats), cereals, muesli, milk and yogurt, bread,  a selection of cold meats, cheese, vegetables (cucumber, paprika), oranges, boiled eggs.  And everyone´s favourite, waffles, can be added for an extra fee, see below. To wake you up for the day we have ready made filter coffee and a selection of teas.

Breakfast is included in your hotel stay if you book directly with us. If you would like a breakfast on arrival or like to invite additional guests it is kr. 1.500 / Eur 10 per person. For an extra kr.500 you can add waffles with jam and cream.

Pre-order Icelandic 
lamb soup with a free drink

Hmm, tradition Icelandic meat soup is not only delicious but very filling and nutritious. It is made with our Icelandic lamb and usually has potatoes, carrots and rutabaga. The hotel owner makes this fresh to order, so we only make the soup if you pre-order it! 

We offer the traditional Icelandic lamb meat soup with a free drink in the evenings in the bar area from 18:00. It is kr.2.500 / Eur18 which includes bread and a free refill.

To pre-order click on the “Book Now” button and let us know which date we can make this specially for you!

Icelandic platter

If you feeling adventurous and would like to experience the weird and wonderful world of Icelandic tradidtional food, we have a cold platter available to order (in advance preferably) served in our bar area after 17:00.

The platter includes:
• Fermented shark
• Black Death (only for adults, alcoholic drink)
• Dried Fish Jerky
• Hangikjöt (salted lamb)
• Ram´s testicals (if available as its seasonal)
• Flatkaka (flat bread) and rúgbraud (Icelandic rye bread)
• Skyr for dessert

Each platter is kr.4.500

Local Dining | Hotel Bar & Continental Buffet Breakfast | Hotel Laxnes

Hotel Bar

Blik Restaurant

Mosfellsbær bakery